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Camcorders can be used as microscopes using optical lenses

Using "Hastings Triplets" camcorders can be transformed into microscopes.


The Triplet-Optics achieves a very good correction of the spherical and chromatic aberation and allows for surprisingly high magnification levels at high quality.



The zooming funktionalites of the camcorder stay operational and are supported by the autofocus abilities of the camera.

Magnification variation and Working distance can be set up to custom needs.


The videos can be displayed on large LCD-Screens using the HDMI-Interface or they can be transmitted to a computer using the USB-2.0 interface.

Here we can see small spheres with a diameter of 1mm at a constant working distance of 120mm increasing magnification continuously.

Working distances of 120mm and 20mm, realised with different optical components.

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