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Contract manufacturing

The cost competitive alternative for smaler quantities


There are good reasons to think about contract manufacturing – especially if dispensing is and will not be your core competence.

To bridge the gap until the ordered system is delivered, SPI contract manufacturing ist the ideal solution. In addition to modern plant technology, experienced dispensing experts are also available for your individual dosing, gluing or embedding tasks.


On request, we also take care of all relevant up- and downstream process steps – tailor-made for your requirements.



Our Knowhow:

·       Optimal dosing technology tailored to your requirements

·       Ensuring optimal dispensing results

·       Professional documentation

·       Integration of up- and downstream process steps

·       Providing of competent, experienced dispensing experts

·       Fast and safe delivery of the components


Your benefits:

·       Cost competetive dispensing of smaller quantities

·       Optimal implementation by experienced experts

·       Interception of production bottlenecks

·       Delivery bridging of an ordered system


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