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Dispensing videos

Contact free dispensing of soldering paste

Viscosity: 12.000 - 250.000 mPas

Droplet measurement during flight

It is possible to produce small and big droplets using a single nozzle. ( In this video 5 nl and 3 µl )

Two components are jetted into the same spot and mix. The Volume of each droplet can be adjusted precisely.

2 nl droplets are jetted onto target structures without stopping the robot. Position tolerance is ~ +- 10 µm.

1 µl droplets are dispensed onto targets

Rotating dispenser: Circles of glue are jetted

Rotating Dispenser: Dispensing lubricants or glues onto the inside surface of cylindrical objects

Piezo-Jet high viscosity materials up to 100.000 mPa.s. The axis of coordinates inside the survey microscope is used for aiming at the targets.

High viscosity oil is dispensed into valves

8-unit-Jet : Dropletsizes 10nl and 1nl.

8-unit-jet : 8 materials are dosed onto microfluidic-slides

Image processing besad filling of capilary channels on microfluidic-slides. Coordinates of the capillaries are aquired by edge-detection algorithms. Volume 2,6 µl.

50 µl Patex droplets are jetted into a 96-well-titer-plate.

Grease is dispensed onto a workpiece, the axis of coordinates is used for aiming.

Coating of sensors on a wafer based on image processing. A second robot is used for quality control measuring size and position of the spots on each sensor.

A dispensing robot shoots droplets centrically onto circular structures on microfluidic-slides. The process is controlled by image processing.

Dispensing system for filling of diesel-particel-filters.


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