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Solenoid - Jet

The Solenoid - Jet is an enhancement of the VP - Jet series using a solenoid.


The design is currently the most compact design of all SPI - dispensers, size and weight of the dispensor have been reduced considerably.


Because of the Solenoid - Jets minimal size, it can be used as a handheld tool easily.


The material supply at the side allows for a continuous refilling making cartridge replacements obsolete.


As its predecessors, the Solenoid - Jet inherited the high reproducibility of droplet sizes.



System specifications

  • Viscosity range: 1-1.000 mPas      
  • Droplet sizes: 1nl - 1µl
  • Max. frequency: 40 Hz 
  • Size: ca. 14,00cm
  • Weight: 250g




  • Actuating elements are separated from the material reservoir 
  • No gaskets
  • easily exchangeable nozzles


Suitable materials


  • aqueous solutions
  • oils
  • low viscosity glues
  • many other materials with low or mid level viscosity




Solenoid - Jet


Dispensing rings of glue

small droplet sizes


Different droplet sizes are possible

Large external material reservoir


Continuous refilling can be realised by external

material sources. 


The supply inlet is located at the side of the dispensor. 

Spec sheet SOL-JET-M
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